Code of Conduct

Visitors of the massage salon MASSAGE & MEDITATION should know that we carry out all services in our salon in accordance with the Slovenian law and that any requests for additional services by the users will not be implemented. At the same time you are kindly requested to avoid the inconvenience and for the smooth running of the service, follow the guidelines that apply in the lounge, as follows:


  • To carefully listen to offers and other instructions by masseuse
  • Services, for which you have decided, must be payed at the reception before you go to the massage room.
  • Kindly behave to the masseuse and in no event should you suggest additional services that are not listed in the offer.
  • That before each massage you take a thorough shower, making use of liquid soap. Please take special attention to your feet and crotch.
  • That during the massage you do not speak and thus do not disturb the massage process.
  • Alert the masseuses if you have ANY suffering from a contagious disease, in particular, diseases that are transmitted through touch and drip.
  • It is the masseuse right to terminate a massage at any time of the massage process if the customer does not apply to the code of conduct. The client loses the right of the recovery for the already paid services.
  • It is the masseuse right to refuse services if the client is under the influence of alcohol or other substances or if he has evidence of a communicable disease.


To comply with the code of conduct we sincerely thank you , and if you are satisfied with our service, tell on a friend.


Thank you and have a good day!